CONCERTANGO is a spectacle with the participation of ANIBAL as a piano soloist and Symphonic Orchestra. This concert, conducted by Maestro Alberto Nuñez Palacio, includes the most representative aspects of this singular style.

The Piano as a principal protagonist, constantly dialogues with the complete orchestra, but also with some specific sections (woodwinds, strings, percussions) trying to emphasize the greater possible variety of tone colour and timbrical richness.

Stylishly, CONCERTANGO tries also to recapture the countless quantity of variants that this genre possesses, showing them, putting them to the consideration of the audience and endowing them of all the possible artistic background, to make it more attractive.

In this manner, a series of renowned professional guest artists participate and enrich in an outstanding way this spectacle.

A Violin Soloist demonstrates his virtuosity, associating his instrument to the Tango.
A Tenor emphasizes the lyric and romantic aspect of the Tango-song that Carlos Gardel once popularized as a gift to the world. In the visual part, a couple of dancers develops the traditional form of Tango-dance, while another couple of contemporary dancers, reveal the vanguardist Tango currents born ever since Astor Piazzolla.

In CONCERTANGO, themes as Madreselva, El Choclo, El Firulete, Celos, Adios Nonino, Libertango, Caminito, Uno, Malena, etc. are interpreted next to other well known themes that all kind of audience love.

Tango is a musical gender gifted of a very particular force and sensuality, for this reason in the last years it has become the most prefered style of every kind of public in the world.

Dance ballrooms have been crowded by people avid to learn it, the concert halls, with public of all ages and social conditions, curious to see and listen it, jazz musicians as Al Dimeola, Chick Corea and others, in their constant renovation search, have incorporated it as novelty in their interpretations. Yo-Yo Ma, Emmanuel Ax, Daniel Baremboin, Friedrich Goulda and many others great artists of academic music have also incurred in Tango in recent arrangements or discographic productions.

This convert it into a very attractive sort of music to create spectacles that reveal it in all its facets and variations. To prove this we can mention the sustained succes that companies as Tango Argentino, and most recently, Forever Tango have in Broadway.

CONCERTANGO, is an event that gathers those characteristics, adding to them the originality, for the first time to the world, and in the history of this kind of music, of presenting Tango as a Concert, associating popular and simphonic music in an only and unique development full sound and visual color shades.

For this, CONCERTANGO counts with the support of Anibal, a piano concertist of renowed path in both classic and popular music, having participated in his home country Argentina, in numerous Tango projects with which he has outspread this style by nearly all the world, and Alberto Nuñez Palacio, also Argentine musical arranger and conductor with huge experience in simphonic music as well as in the popular field.

In conclusion of all the above, CONCERTANGO is a spectacle with international projection conceived to be presented in the most exclusive concert halls of the world, with the total conviction that will be accepted and loved by all over types of audiences.